Twitter to Remove Inactive Accounts

On Monday 8 May 2023, the CEO of the social media platform Twitter Inc. Mr. Elon Musk shared a tweet that Twitter will remove the accounts of users who are inactive for several years.

Furthermore, he also added that on the micro-blogging platform, users will see a drop in follower count.

According to Twitter’s account policy, users should log in to their account at least once every 30 days to avoid permanent removal. Else account will be removed due to prolonged inactivity.

Elon Musk also has threatened to reassign National Public Radio’s Twitter account to another company this month. Because public broadcasters had stopped posting content to their 52 official Twitter feeds during the protest against Twitter’s label that oblique government contribution in its editorial content.

Last month Twitter removed the verified blue tick from the profile of hundreds of people that may be including journalists, politicians, and celebrities. As Twitter verified accounts are now part of a blue subscription. According to Musk, it would tackle the issue of bot accounts on the social media platform.

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