Starbucks Charges $1 More For Popular Drink — And Fans Are Furious

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains, now it will start asking customers to pay an extra $1 while purchasing no water in their fruity Refresher drinks.

Starbucks drink lovers are now about to spend more bucks to enjoy their favorite drink.

Now they’ll be charging an extra $1 if customers want to have popular fruity Refreshers without water from May 9 and fans of Starbucks aren’t happy with this decision.

One of the Starbucks representatives told Insiders that the customization uses more Refresher base, therefore leading to a price hike because the additional liquid is being used in the preparation of this drink. The icy beverage is pretended by using tropical juices, water, lemonade, dried fruit inclusions, and sometimes coconut milk.

“This change allows us to provide a more consistent approach to customization, similar to other beverage customizations, such as adding an espresso shot or syrup, which incur an additional charge,” the representative noted.

The news of charging $1 extra has caused a frenzy among the employees of Starbucks because they’re much worried about the reaction of customers. Starbucks’ employees also discussed with Insider that they’re afraid of the reaction that might be received from the customers. So, they took to social media to discuss how they felt about the change of charges.

Rayah is a Starbucks fan who has shared a video on TikTok in which she discussed the price increase. The clip has collected a lot of comments from angry customers with one noting: “A company this big worth billions of dollars and STILL being greedy af smh.”

Another tired sipper chimed in: “I’m so over this the drinks are so overpriced already.

I won’t be getting my pink drinks if I have to pay $1 for light ice. Like they already charge $$$ for 3 sips,” somebody wrote.

One person creaked: “Refreshers are the only thing that keeps me beside cups but I guess I’ll be done with them 😓.”

“Yes this is true but don’t get upset with us baristas it’s not our fault,” one worker warned. “I don’t think I’ll be ordering from there anymore! I buy two refreshers at a time so they just lost my business for this! I’m so disappointed w/ them!” another TikTokker remarked.

The Post has reached out to Starbucks for comment.

Starbucks also freshly wedged flack for their new olive oil-infused coffee drinks. The new Oleato line includes a Caffé Latte, Iced Cortado, Golden Foam Cold Brew, Oleato Deconstructed, and Golden Foam Espresso Martini. However, the offerings have been getting people out and are supposedly causing stomach issues.

It is observed that this new price change of Starbucks annoyed the customers.

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