Twitter to Pay Verified Creators for Ads in Replies, Musk Says

Twitter, which Elon Musk has owned since October, is getting ready to roll out a new initiative that will pay verified content producers for the adverts they include in their replies. This future function was announced by billionaire businessman and Twitter owner Elon Musk on Friday, along with the disclosure of an initial payment block of about $5 million.

Only verified artists will be eligible for this program, according to Musk’s tweet, and only advertising displayed to verified users will be recorded. The move comes as Twitter struggles to keep advertisers, in part because of worries over ad placement in the wake of the company’s large personnel layoffs.


This development happens at the same time as Twitter recently named Linda Yaccarino as its CEO. Yaccarino, a veteran of the advertising sector from NBCUniversal, is anticipated to oversee the social media platform’s efforts in advertising. Musk previously discussed his plans for Twitter in March, noting that the messaging platform presently brings in between 5 and 6 cents per hour of user attention. He expressed the opinion that this value may possibly rise to 15 cents or even higher by including more timely and relevant adverts.

Twitter wants to encourage the creation of interesting, high-quality content while generating new sources of income for the network and its producers by adopting this new incentive program for verified content creators. By providing a more varied and tailored ad ecology, this step might improve the overall user experience.

The addition of sponsored ads in replies represents a crucial step in Twitter’s continued efforts to draw and keep advertisers, enhance its income streams, and foster a flourishing creator community as it pushes forward with its goals to rethink its advertising model.

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