Who Is Archie Heaton? Everything You Need to Know

The foremost identity of Archie Heaton is, he is the son of Charlie Heaton. Archie Heaton holds British nationality and was born on 19th May 2014. His father Charlie Heaton is already a famous actor while his mother Akiko Matsuura is a Japanese musician. Besides the parental identity people know Archie Heaton with his separate recognition after the release of the season Stranger Things. After the release of the season, people wanted to know more and more about him. The season has increased the fan following of Charlie Heaton.

Charlie Heaton was a successful and famous actor but he didn’t disclose much about his personal life. Therefore, his fans don’t know much about him, even though they don’t know that his son is also playing a role in a coming show. So, people find him an incredible teenager who did complete justice with his job. After viewing the season we all agree that every single performer put complete effort to make their role memorable.

Now people are impatiently waiting for the 4th season because the cast of the season is already in the limelight and the audience wants to know more and more about them. Charlie’s fans are curious to know more about him, his personal life, and his beloved son (Archie Heaton).

Archie Heaton Age & Bio

Archei Heaton belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus. His parents Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura worked together and fell in love with each other. Currently, Archie lives with his mother.

His mother Akiko is a well-known drummer and a musician. After the separation of the couple, Archie is living with his mom. He is free to meet with his father Charlie, there are no limitations.

Archie Heaton is the only child of his parents. He was a kid who loved to participate in outdoor activities. His parents are proud of him because he has worked to earn his recognition. Archie is a good basketball as well as a soccer player.

Archie Heaton’s Parents’ Separation

As we said earlier, Charlie and Akiko fell in love while working with each other. But still, we didn’t find any news regarding their breakup or having a child together. Charlie Heaton is always a mystery to the media because there is no news about his personal life. Fans wanted to know more about them, but there is not much disclosure to share.

According to an insider, the couple fell in love and became parents. But their relationship didn’t stay for longer and they got separated. It’s been years since they got separated but neither Charlie nor Akiko shares anything about it.

Archie Heaton’s Father Charlie Heaton

Charlie Heaton is a 27 years old actor as well as a musician. He is a famous musician and a successful actor. He has played different roles in movies, shows, and music. Charlie Heaton’s net worth is almost 5 million dollars. He started his career as a drummer in London when he was just 16 years old. His net worth and popularity show his passion. He has millions of fans from all around the world. Charlie Heaton, the father of Archie Heaton’s work life shows his passion and dedication. Therefore people loved him and wanted to know more and more about him or his child.

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